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Creative Director: Gabriela Pradas

Advertising Agency: Blanquier

Client: General Mills - Yoplait

Project: New Year's Promotion

Background: Yoplait was founded in France in 1965 with the belief that yogurt will become an essential food for future generations. Today is one of the world’s most popular yogurts, consumed as a snack, breakfast, or a light dessert option.

Objective: Promote Yoplait Light as a New Year’s resolution low-calorie alternative to lose weight in Spanish for Puerto Rico and English for the rest of the Caribbean.

Solution: A visual of light, flowy ribbon wrapping around a women’s waist shows how good she feels about herself, a beauty shot of the product with fresh fruits falling into it, and a call out to highlight Yoplait Light’s low-calorie count. Develop Point of Purchase material such as wobblers & stoppers, and booth & stand-alone banners for sampling.

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