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Designer: Gabriela Pradas

Client: Felicity - Miami, FL

Project: Logo and Product Line

Background: Felicity is a company offering different products that promote well-being, love, happiness, peace, and creativity.

Objective: The objective was to create and develop the brand, design the logo and basic brand system. Make the designs to launch a new line of T-Shirts. Create the Look & Feel and design labels and packaging for Felicity’s new Line of Essential Oils. Develop ideas and design graphics for different products to offer to corporations. Design and manage Felicity Instagram account.

Solution: A typographic logo that is recognizable using special characters and ligatures to make it playful, memorable, and easy to implement in different media. A new line of T-Shirts with graphics conveying powerful messages and visuals. New color-coded Essential Oil labels with a simple and elegant design.

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